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Summer Outing Ceres in Ghent

Summer Outing Ceres in Ghent

Last week we had our yearly Ceres Summer outing! We were pleased to spent time with our colleagues exploring the beautiful city of Ghent. Here's a recap of our fun-filled day.

We kicked off our day to meet each other at SGOL for a nice lunch, setting the tone for the day. Next, we took a guided tour of the city, soaking in the rich history and stunning architecture of Ghent.

After the tour we had time to check in at the beautiful historic Monasterium hotel. It felt like we were back in time, with the nice rooms and great entourage. After checking in and washing up we enjoyed the famous spareribs in the Amadeus Belfort restaurant, savoring every bite and sharing stories.

Our evening continued with a lively beerwalk, tasting some of the finest brews Ghent has to offer. This was a good introduction to wrap up the day at a local bar, chatting, dancing and laughing with colleagues.
Such a perfect blend of work and play, creating bonds and experiencing the charm of Ghent together! Until next time!