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Ceres International gives you chances abroad

Are you looking for an international recruitment agency that can publish your international vacancies? We can help you with that! As an international recruitment agency we have several offices across Europe and we have a large network of international candidates. We are specialized in recruiting and selecting candidates in the food and agribusiness at HBO and Master's level.

Are you someone who would like to work abroad? Please take action and apply to one of our interesting international vacancies. 

The right international match for your company

Are you looking for an employee for you international company or are you looking for someone with international knowledge of the food and agri sector? We are happy to help you. Thanks to our years of experience with international recruitment, we work for many international companies. We are known for our expertise in the international food and agribusiness.

We recruit candidates for a broad professional network at Bachelor and Master level, from junior to  medior positions and executives to CEO’s. Next to that we also mediate for international candidates for vacancies in The Netherlands, as well as Dutch candidates for international vacancies.

We work with the same effective working methods at all our offices. We have a large international network, from which we can select the right candidates for your company. We can also draw up a good job profile in collaboration with you and, based on this, post vacancies abroad. From this we select the best international candidates for your company.

Because there are cultural differences per country, we employ local consultants who know exactly how to approach candidates. They have extensive knowledge of how people work in that particular country or area. There is also a lot of coordination between our various international offices.


Why work with Ceres International

We take the time to understand your needs and we will provide a service of the highest standards. Working with an international recruitment agency can surely help you find the best international candidate for your company. Next to that we offer you some more advantages:

International network

Ceres is not narrowing its search area to only Dutch candidates. We can find candidates all over the globe. We have an international network with several offices all over Europe. Here we have our experts at your service to assist and coordinate the search for the most suitable candidate.

Our international team has strong connections with their local network. We will take good care of the candidates during the entire process. Are you looking for help to fulfil your international vacancies? Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities for you!

Do you want to work abroad?

Are you considering to work abroad or are you looking for international vacancies? Do  you want a temporary job abroad? More and more candidates are looking for international opportunities. These jobs are sometimes hard to find. Ceres can help you with your search for the most suitable international job!

As one of the best international recruitment agencies Ceres can surely help you to find this international job. We offer jobs in the Agricultural and Food sector in The Netherlands and abroad.

Why be active across borders?

The advantages of cross border jobs are numerous. This can be at personal as well as professional level. Some advantages are:

  • Personal and professional growth

During your international career you have the opportunity to explore yourself. You probably are outside your comfort zone, by which you can develop your confidence. You will be more on your own and this can result in professional growth next to personal growth. Having working internationally will be a good thing on you CV as well and will contribute to your future career.

  • Expand your network

When working abroad you have the chance to make more international contacts. These contacts may be able to help you in future professional plans.

  • Learning a new language

Learning English, French, Spanish or German? By working abroad you have the chance to improve your language skills. It is even possible to work in an international team with various nationalities. A second or third language on your CV will also improve your chances in the international job market.

Working cross border has a lot of advantages!

International vacancies

Looking for a job abroad? Working abroad contributes to a lot of new skills and personal development. Try it! We have international vacancies available.

Please check out our vacancies to see if there are suitable international jobs for you! Do you want to work internationally and there is no suitable job for you at this time? Please sign up on our website!


Ceres International offices

Ceres works from holland but we have several international offices in Europe. We have office in 

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland


Do you have an open vacancy in one of the countries above that you want to have fulfilled?
Europe, Asia, North or South America or Russia, we can find the right candidate for your company through our wide international candidate network. Please contact us through one of our offices.


Our expertise, market knowledge and expertise result in finding the right match for your company. Are you curious what we can do for you? Together we can suit your wishes.