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Interim Solutions in the food and agri sector

Our consultants have a large interim network with candidates who are self-sufficient, independent, dynamic, and expert. The interim managers have a demonstrable track record, specific sector knowledge and have consciously opted for the interim profession. With these specialists, we are able to successfully fulfill assignments in the food & agri business.


What is an interim manager?

An interim manager is someone who fulfills a temporary assignment within a company. Is there a problem that cannot be solved within the organization? Then using an interim manager could be the perfect solution.


Interim recruitment assignments

With our strong interim network, we guarantee fast and effective results! It concerns assignments at various levels and in the following areas:

• Sales & Marketing
• Operations & Engineering
• Supply Chain & Purchase
• Quality and R&D
• Finance & Executive
• Environment & Sustainability

Click below for an overview of a number of completed assignments. For more information about current assignments, please contact Tom Seghers.

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Tom Seghers
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Tom Seghers, Managing Partner



Thorough analysis

During the analysis, we pay great attention to the formulation of the assignment, the related concrete targets, required candidate profile, working period, critical success factors, necessary resources and mutual expectations.



Within a few days, we inform you whether we have suitable candidates available and we will introduce you to candidates within the agreed deadline.



Besides the obvious educational and experience requirements, we focus keenly on the necessary competences and personal qualities required to successfully fulfil the assignment. We approach specific and suitable candidates within our network, who have preferably already conducted assignments with the required results.


Professional Supervision

In order to guarantee continuity and quality through the whole interim assignment we guide the entire process, from the assignment intake through completion.


In advance, we provide a clear cost indication beforehand and keep you informed of the latest news and applicable legislation and regulations. 


We offer challenging assignments at leading national and international organizations in the Food & Agri sector. The Selected Candidate deployed by us must be the best for any specific assignment.

Thanks to our vast experience and many years of active engagement in the food & agri sector, our network of candidates is extensive and is focused entirely on your branch.

Candidates in our network are professionals (Bachelors and Masters) and have proven experience as a specialist or at the management/board level.

Selected Candidates distinguish themselves by combining strongly analytical skills with implementation and realization drive. The candidates are selected and evaluated by us beforehand. This enables us to achieve the best possible results for you, quickly and effectively.

Are you interested or you want to know more about our interim projects please feel free to contact our interim specialist, Tom Seghers.